Iā€™m Karl,
a frontend

I'm great with

  • Typescript
  • ES6+
  • other people
  • communication
  • Vue
  • React
  • Webpack
  • debugging
  • Redux / Vuex / ...
  • Scss / Sass / CSS3
  • React Native
  • project architecture

I'm open to remote work offers
and consulting.

I can lead & follow

With 7+ years of experience, I've filled all roles from junior up to lead frontend developer.

As an athlete and a coach outside work, I understand both how to help people reach their best, as well as how to take instructions and feedback.

Collaboration & Technology

Volunteering, organizing youth work, and numerous leadership classes have given me a unique insight and a versatile toolset for communicating and collaborating with people across a wide spectrum.

Successful projects stem from both solid social founding and deep technical expertise ā€” one without the other won't get you far.

Open-source software

I'm active in the OSS community on a number of fronts, as a small sample:

Stack Overflowstackoverflow.com/users/1470607 is also no stranger, placing me in the global top 1% for tags such as Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Next steps

I'm constantly pushing the envelope and looking for new challenges ā€” both professionally and personally.

If you'd like me to do it at your company, get in touch.